Educational Flexibility with PeopleSoft Online Training

For busy professionals looking to get certified in PeopleSoft, it may just not be possible to take the time – or to travel the miles – to take courses in a classroom setting. Fortunately, PeopleSoft and Oracle University offers the same courses online that can be completed anywhere Internet access is available. Thanks to PeopleSoft online training, becoming certified has never been easier.

Live Virtual Classes

Oracle University offers live virtual classes to everyone, regardless of location or time constraints. Through online training, users have access to the same curriculum as those students who are trained in a traditional classroom, with the same benefit of interactive learning. Live online training affords students the flexibility and freedom to learn from anywhere at times that work best with their busy schedules.

What to Expect from Online Training

When undergoing PeopleSoft online training, students can expect to learn the same information and be taught by the same instructors as those undergoing Oracle’s classroom training. Classes are available at all times, both day and night, from anywhere there is an internet connection. This program also offers access to the labs during class time. Users must install the required training software and have a working telephone headset or VoIP speakerphone for the interactive components.

Self-Study Courses

For some students, making it to live online classes just isn’t possible, and other may find that they learn better on their own. To better accommodate these people, PeopleSoft also offers an online self-study training program that allows trainees to learn at their own pace on their own schedules. These courses cover all Oracle products, including PeopleSoft, and consist of exactly the same content found in a live online class, simply enhanced for a self-guided learning experience.

Oracle University Knowledge Center

The Oracle University Knowledge Center is an online resource of all Oracle and PeopleSoft e-learning content and is updated regularly with new information and new courses for those looking to begin or continue training. Individuals can purchase access to the Knowledge Center for a full year by buying a Knowledge Center passport. For those who are not looking to get certified and just need training, individual courses tailored to specific learning needs can also be purchased.

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The Oracle Community

Oracle University offers a variety of resources to trainees to make the certification process as easy as possible. In addition to the Knowledge Center, students can also access news and information relevant to their PeopleSoft training experience via the Oracle Certification blog and e-magazine. Oracle also provides a Certification Forum where users can go to discuss courses and ask for help from other users. Oracle also has accounts on both Twitter and Facebook.

No matter how busy someone’s schedule may be, Oracle offers a number of different certification solutions to fit anyone’s needs. PeopleSoft online training, whether live and interactive or self-guided, makes it easy for anyone to have the opportunity to fill the requirements necessary to obtain this certification. A free trial of the online courses and Knowledge Center is available on the PeopleSoft training website.

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